About Us

At Perfect Imaging Productions our mission is to provide our clients with only the very best wedding and corporate videography experience. 

We are passionate about what we do and for us the customer always comes first.

From the initial meeting through to post production we listen to your needs and guarantee that your video will be exactly what you dreamed of.

2024 will be our 20th business anniversary. This is something we are very proud of under ever changing and demanding economic climate not to mention the pandemic

If you need reassurance just read our customer feedback page to see what our clients have said about us.

Please call our London-based off office and have a friendly chat with one of the team. We will be only too happy to discuss all your requirements.

Who We Are

Perfect Imaging Productions is a corporate and wedding productions company in Ealing, London. The Team Is Led by Jag Rana who is from a corporate videography background and has vast experience in dealing with large projects. With his skillset and experiences with wedding video production corporate event videography, Perfect Imaging Productions has enjoyed over 15 years of success. As a Creative person he has a passion for ‘telling the story’ in Perfect Imaging’s unique style. We approach each wedding or corporate event with a disciplined, methodical and logical point of view but still in keeping with a fun and engaging approach. We personally do the videography and edit our own clients events rather than outsourcing them. In addition, we have employed experienced, professional videographers who may work along with us at your event, who have been vetted personally by Jag to ensure quality is maintained to the Perfect Imaging standard. We use either the latest HD cameras or DLSRS for cinematography packages. This includes sliders and Crane cameras. Remember, as well as the equipment, it’s also the person behind the equipment that matters and we guarantee wedding video filming that is in a league of it’s own!

Three main team members of Perfect Imaging Productions

Who We Are

What We Do

We are passionate in delivering only the best to our clients. A cinematic video you will want to watch over and over again incorporating the Highlights sequence we are renowned for !

Using the very latest professional HD video cameras, we record your event digitally (If you require 4k this is available as a premium option). Using our state of the art computer equipment the video is edited professionally. The sound is also mixed digitally with the background music of your choice and mastered to CD quality standards paying particular attention to which tracks would be best suited to which parts of the video. As our editor has a musical background, we are particularly good at this.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have said on our Testimonial page. Finally your video is encoded using state of the art equipment to ensure it will be of the highest possible clarity when you view it.

Who We Are

Cinematography With the latest technology we are now filming all our productions with the & ’film look’. Popularly known now as Cinematography. This involves the use of glide tracks, steady cams and cameras with interchangeable lenses which will give your wedding film the desired look such as a foreground focus and background blur just like in the cinema! Have a look at our video gallery to see examples.

Our Philosophy

Interview with the main minds behind Perfect Imaging Productions

Simply to do the very best we can for our clients and through our cinematography skills and experience present your memories back to you in a way that will help you to relive them as if they just happened yesterday!


To provide with you with a great customer service experience from start to finish in everything we do!

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